Monday, 7 November 2011

review - Sulwhasoo Deep Cleansing Oil

So I got my GMarket deliveries today. Yay! I feel like a kid opening her Christmas presents. I purchased quite a few things (have been purchasing quite a few things since more than a year ago - and my wardrobe and make up bags have been very fat ever since), but this time - apart from my returning purchases of BRTC BB cream  and Etude House goodies - I purchased a skin care brand that had got me curious for the past few weeks:

Behold: Sulwhasoo

I bought a few of their swatches from this shop:

Since Sulwashoo (along with Isa Knox, Hera, and some other high end products), are considered luxury items in the skincare and cosmetic world, I wanted to dip my feet first before parting with my dollars for their full packaged items.

Of the samples I received (and I even got some freebies from that shop. Bless them), I want to review Sulwhasoo Deep Cleansing Oil. Full retail package:

link (and source of above image):

As fellow BB cream and stubborn make up users know, cleansing oil is a very important addition to your skin care/ cleansing routine. I, myself, have been using DHC cleansing oil for the past few years, and though I don't hate it, I don't really like it either (it's just that I haven't found a better cleansing oil).

And Oh, for the love of God, Sulwhasoo, where have you been all my life!

Anyway, here is the item I received - 20 small packs of its kind:

I actually *cough* broke the all-too-well-known rule of test patch-ing skin care/ cosmetic items. Instead, I put it straight on my eight-hours-bb-creamed-and-not-washed face. And boy, I should have done the test patch, because it hit me like a brick:

The smell!!!! People, beware!! It has a strong strong herbal smell. I actually don't hate the smell since I love herbs, but it just gobsmacked me as soon as I slapped the oil on my face. It reminded me of the traditional herb medicine drinks my mom used to buy from the street vendor back in Indonesia, when she wanted extra vigor/ recover from illness.

I'm sure you are more interested in how well the cleansing oil works. Well, here's my arm as a test patch pallette:

A: lipstick
B: eyeshadows
C: waterproof mascara
D: gel eyeliner
C & D have always been a pain in the arse to clean up (D, btw, is a TonyMoly gel eyeliner which I absolutely love, though I don't use it often since I am so lazy to remove it). But not with this cleansing oil:
As you could see, the oil completely dissolved all the colors and smudge/waterproof eye makeup (I even quad-coated those lip & eye colors on my skin, and the mascara & eye liner too). The same as cleaning my face (provided that I have the same eye make up on), I rinsed the initial oil off my skin, and re-did it. By this time, the skin was pretty much clear already, this 2nd step was just to make sure I had all the residue completely off. Interestingly, when in contact with water, it did not emulsify as much as other brands of cleansing oils.

Rinse it off again, and..... tadaaahh:

Love it. This cleans much much better than DHC cleansing oil. Texture is actually more liquid-y than the cleansing oils I have tried, but this cleans like nobody business.

-Really gentle to use, not as 'oily feel' as most brands of cleansing oils
-Cleans lip colors - check. Cleans BB creams/foundations - check. Cleans eyeshadows - check. Cleans mascara & waterproof eyeliners - check.
-The herbal smell (not really a cons for me...). Some people may NOT like it.
-Price is higher than other brands of cleansing oil. Look out for discounts from major stores (sasa), and always try samples before investing in expensive products!

For people who are concerned with using cleansing oil and afraid that it will make their face feel 'oilier', I don't think this cleansing oil have that effect at all. It made my face look really smooth after rinsing it off. BUT, if you are still worried, you may want to try a sample of Sulwhasoo foam cleanser as well. I received one small package of the foam cleanser from the GMarket shop I bought this cleansing oil from, and used it after I used the cleansing oil.

After using that foam cleanser, I swear I ran my fingers on my cheek and it made a squeaky sound. Like a finger run on a freshly polished glass.... .... .... Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit there,but it did leave my face feel really clean. Interestingly, it did not leave my face tight as some foam cleansers I have tried in the past did. People with dry skin type might want to be a bit careful using the foam cleanser.

Anyway, until next time...