Friday, 1 November 2013

Travel: Singapore Day etc Part 2: Katong Food Trail (Part three); And Of Course More Food; Flight Back Home

Yay! Finally got a chance to update. I am now back in Sydney and this post will be the last part of the Singapore travelogue.

For our last bout of Katong food eats, we visited Chin Mee Chin (204 East Coast Road) - a small coffee shop probably more well know for their kaya toast and other kaya pastries (puff and tarts). Forget Toast Box! This place sells the ultimate kaya. The fragrance and taste just linger in your mouth. Their coffee is pretty good, too. For 2 Kaya Toast, a cup of coffee, and two soft-boiled eggs, we paid SG$4.50. Cheap and tasty breakfast.

I wanted to try their kaya puff and tarts, too, but decided against it as we had to visit another eatery. Well, originally we wanted to visit Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee - but it was closed when we came T_T, so we went to well-known Beach Road Prawn Mee instead (370 East Coast Road)
Apparently, the owner of this shop is related to the one at Joo Chiat? However I have to say, the taste cannot be compared. The Joo Chiat's one was so much better and richer. I don't understand why the hype about Beach Road Prawn Mee. The soup was so diluted and bland in comparison.

The only thing outstanding is that they have jumbo prawns here. But then again, you do have to pay the price (SG$10.80 per bowl)

BUT! The Ngo Hiang/ Lor Bak stall within the same shop is worth mentioning, because they were cheap and yummy :P 

With that, it is the end of our Katong Food Adventure.

During our retail therapy visit to Orchard Road, we stopped by Cornery - a small popcorn shop located at B4 level of ION Orchard. You might think...'Meh, Popcorn... what's so special?' Wait until you see the range of flavors they offer.

Green Tea popcorn, guys! How can you not like this! (Ok, maybe just me?). And wasabi popcorn - perfect snack to open up your blocked nose. :D (I actually really like the sensation). Now you know my top two favorite flavors from the range. There are other more boring normal ones like butterscotch, chocolate, cheese... .
Now if they can invent durian flavored popcorn next....

On our third year anniversary day (23 October), 1/2heart and I decided to go to Palm Beach Seafood at One Fullerton to have a nice dinner. Actually, it is one restaurant we distinctively remember because of one outstanding dish: Double Baked Crab. 

We had our first taste quite a number of years ago with our friends who resided in Singapore. At that time, I did not pay too much attention to the name of the restaurant, but I could still remember the amazing taste. Actually, later on I thought we had dined with our friends at No Signboard, but finally figured out that Palm Beach is the correct restaurant for that dish.

The restaurants at One Fullerton have stunning waterfront view, suitable to impress your date or guests. But we chose to sit inside anyway, because what could be more beautiful than this beauty:

The crab costed A$60 per kilo. Ours was almost 2 kg and ohemgee, it was massive. The pincers were almost as big as my palm (and I certainly don''t have itty-bitty hands). 
The crab tasted just as wonderful as I remembered from our first visit. Double baked with cheese and butter, it was rich although not too powerfully laden with too much flavor you still could taste the crab sweetness. 

We also had Four Treasure Vegetable dish and then Tofu Pudding with Longan and Sweet Coconut.The vegetable was a great accompaniment to the crab, to balance out the richness. The Pudding was not too sweet and refreshing - a perfect finish for our cholesterol-heavy anniversary dinner. The bill came to around SG$113, and I think it was a much better fare than No Signboard.
So ... we have eaten 4 type of crabs in the span of 2 weeks... . (-_-);

Our Singapore trip came to an end to quickly, and so we had to catch our flight back to Sydney - this time on Airbus (A380). The business class seats are much better than the 777, with noticeably more space as well as better design (I think). The seat could also be converted to a fully-flat bed, however you need the flight attendant to assist you, as this could not be done with any push of a button (still require manual folding :P)

fully flat bed. Sorry for the messiness. On a plane or not, that is the state of my bed everyday

Plane Food: Lamb Satay, Dim Sum with Noodles, Omellette & Sausage breakfast
Sigh... now when will be our next holiday... .