Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's that time of the year again...

... when I need to put my cooking hat on and creativity level to the max. Erm, maybe not to the max, since I cheated on presentation aspect by purchasing some uberly cute disposable lunch containers for my project.

Anyways, what kind of project? It's my 1/2heart's birthday. Let's just say he's 30 something year old man who still look and *sometimes* act like a kid (well, who would blame him. I do too). I did not feel like baking cakes, so I made him a lunch bento box instead.

And wow, what would I do without GMarket where I could find all these incredible shops selling awesomely cutesy bento box' peripherals.

All disposable containers, stickers, and utensils bought from the following shops: One, Two, and Three

Sunday, 8 July 2012

NomNom: Jean's Chilli Chicken, Eastwood.

Have you guys noticed that rather than ' Every Other Day', I blog a new post 'Every Other Month'. Haha.... . BUT! This is mainly because I like to blog about cosmetics or skincare, and I usually only post reviews on stuffs that I have used for a considerable amount of time.

Yes, I use myself as guinea pig. For the better of the *ahem* me world!

Anyways, I think I will start blogging about my gluttony adventures as well. After all, it is included in the sub-title :D

I & 1/2heart went to Jean's Chilli Chicken, Eastwood on Saturday, being our virgin visit to this premise (and because I could not stand my colleagues raving about this place Every Single Day). So I succumbed to my curiosity and there we were.

We ordered:

Egg Roll - A$18

The Egg Roll is massive! And it is not just a plain egg roll. It contains chicken bits. And you see the weird balls thingy at the side? Those are sticky rice balls made by the friendly staff (since we were a newcomer at his place and he gracefully taught us how to eat the food), containing ginseng fried chicken bits (pic below), topped with grilled eel (pic below as well). Those tiny morsels are better (and fattier and definitely tons more calories) than your average nigiri eel sushi.

Ginseng Fried Chicken - A$32 

Crispy oily KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). Hmmmmmm... calories.... . So anyways, more in-depth about the romance between the rice balls and the fried chicken:
We were given (as a complimentary) two massive bowls of sticky rice mix (we were told: about 20% sticky rice, then the rest of regular rice and special (??) rice). The staff crushed the fried chicken with a cool 5 bladed scissors and mixed them with the rice, then shaped the rice into small balls. 
Topped with the eel, I quickly elevated to glutton heaven where pants size doesn't matter.

Grilled Spicy Eel - A$30

Spicy? SPICY? Ohoho, you don't know yours truly. I am a self-proclaimed chilli queen. There is nothing spicy about this dish at all, but hey, who cares? It's grilled eel. And I shall haz them, spicy or not.

(But then again, my friends have been constantly telling me that there must be something wrong with my chilli-receptor tastebuds. So, whatever I consider not spicy might send you rocketing off the toilet bowl).

The portions are huge, so it is best to share the meal with your friends. When me & 1/2 heart placed our order, "OK, we would like the Ginseng Fried Chicken,..... , and then the Grilled Spicy Eel,....", we were cut off by the staff, "Yes, that is enough! Too much."


".... and Egg Roll...."

Of course, we ended up taking away some leftover home... . We always overestimate our bellies' capacity.

Jean's Chilli Chicken
Eastwood Hotel
115 Rowe St, Eastwood, NSW 2122