Sunday, 7 April 2013

travel: South Korea 2013 Day 8: Seoul: Lotte Department Store, flight back home

Finally got the chance to update this blog for the last day in Korea.

You know, we were a bit worried for the past 2 days during our trip - because the almighty (insert sarcasm here) Kim Jong-Un started making threats around those days. But South Koreans were like - meh, business/pleasure like usual for us... .

In any case, no one really wishes for another war to break out. With armies and weapons owned by the countries in this era, the result will probably be the end of our civilization.


We went to Lotte Department Store connected to Euljiro (il) ga subway, mainly because it is close to Myeong-Dong, so we could do last minute shopping :P

*sigh* I really envy department stores in Asia... . So full of nice goodies... .

flower salad. Soooo pretty. I wonder how they will taste...

what is that green thing? the same with the others? I thought that was some kind of super small watermelon?


our considerably simple lunch of fish cake udon, various fried food, and dumplings

After buying some snacks for colleagues and relatives back home, we walked to Myeong-Dong (barely 5 minutes). It is crowded like usual, although not so much compared night time.

Myeong-Dong is full of trendy shops and a lot of cosmetic/beauty shops. And there are more than one of the same shop/brand in the vicinity. But the one that is most memorable to me is 'Nature Republic'. Not because I am a fan of their products, but because of their big-ass posters and advertisements of Jang Geun Suk plastered everywhere. And 1/2heart finally fully understand the meaning of androgynous.

1/2heart asked me after observing the huge display of Nature Republic advertisement featuring JGS, "Is she an actress or Kpop singer?"

I was like, "That's a man."

and the face 1/2heart made, then looking back at the poster, then looking back at me, then the poster....


Even after looking at a full body display of JGS (which clearly shows his flat chest, though I must admit he has very lean features...), 1/2heart still remarked "a girl! with very flat chest".

I think needless to say, 1/2heart underestimated the androgyny of Korean male artists....

Anyway, flight back to Sydney was flawless, and I had Ssambap for dinner. (yummy).

rest lounge at Incheon airport