Thursday, 31 December 2015

Travel: Japan 2015 Day 12 // Osaka // Kuromon Ichiba Market; Dotonbori


In the morning we went to Kuromon Ichiba Market, barely 5 minutes walk from our place of stay.

As it was one day  before New Year's Eve this place was packed! I have never seen one person bought so many meat/seafood/prawns/sushi/sashimi. I guess it was to prepare for their family's new year's. I think 'packed' is still an understatement. People basically pushed each other to move forward.

But well what can I say...


So many fugus on display & sale as well... . I don't think I will ever have the gust to eat the fish.. .

We only sampled a few things here and there (because we simply couldn't decide where to eat),but of course I couldn't miss eel.

Spent the rest of the day walking around Den-Den Town, then headed to Shin-Umeda Sky Building. There is a very cute edo themed food court on B1F level.

Unfortunately, the majority of the eateries were closed as we arrived around 3.30 and it was not lunch or dinner time.

I put in my 100 yen coin to get this omikuji. Grah! Hopefully this bad omikuji was only for the remainder of 2015 T_T

So, went to Coco Curry! Level 10 Curry to the rescue! This place also provides free manga to read :) Of course my trip down memory lane had to be with Songoku / Dragon Ball.

There is also a beautiful small garden just outside the food court. Some red maple leaves were still left over from autumn... .


And we headed back to our apartment, and had to get a Pablo cheesecake (seriously guys, if you came across one of their shops and didn't get any cheesecakes, you've done a crime!). We bought a chocolate cheese cake (still like their original flavour better though)

A shot of Dotonbori at night with the ever running Glico man... .

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Travel: Japan 2015 Day 10 & 11 // Osaka // Universal Studio Japan // Eat: Sennichimae Hatsuse - Namba;


I thought I'd just combine day 10 & 11 in one entry as we really didn't do much.

After breakfast at Yamadaya, we braced for the long trip ahead bound for Osaka. Reached Gora station from Sounzan station (JPY420 by cable car), then we boarded the train bound for Hakone-Yumoto, then Odawara (JPY670)

Managed to squeeze in another snack (onsen steamed bun) at Gora Station... .

From Odawara, we changed to the Shinkansen line (Shinkansen Kodama, covered by the JR Rail Pass) all the way to Shin-Osaka, then we changed to Osaka City Subway Midosuji line, to stop at Namba.


Yep, Namba. Because, this is always my preferred area of stay in Osaka. I love this area, rows and rows of quaint shop and food stalls, as well as being very close to the proximity of Den-Den Town for our otaku needs :)

For our Osaka stay, we stayed at this place. The listing is pretty accurate and we paid A$587 for 3 nights (for the 4 of us).


Dinner was at Sennichimae Hatsuse - Okonomiyaki DIY style. Had to wait a bit as this place was quite packed and our clothes stank after dinner. Every group was given their own private room to cook own meals in their own time.








But hey it was fun.

We had Modanyaki, Deluxe Okonomiyaki, and their special Osaka style Okonomiyaki.



Sennichimae Hatsuse
〒542-0075 大阪府大阪市中央区難波千日前11-25 はつせビル2F



Today we visited Universal Studio Japan. I have been here a couple of times before, so this was to mainly satisfy our friend who has never been to before.

Too. Many. People!

We arrived at the park around 9.30 a.m, got our Timed Entry Ticket to enter Harry Potter section of the park, and could only get in from 2.40-3.40 window (though once inside, you can stay forever, really).

Had lunch at Studio Star restaurant in the theme park. They served Minion themed meals.

In Harry Potter section, I bought a few wands to my collection -_- My goal is this (right picture) on my wall back in Sydney.

Anyway, not much to say, we did get tired after 3 rides (because of the long queue. The Forbidden Journey required 5 hours queue, which we gave up on and just left), and decided to just leave the park.

We had dinner at Takoyaki Museum outside the theme park. There are abundance of shops and good eateries in the city walk.

My favourite is the one mixed with rice puffs. When served, the yummy balls were extra crunchy because of the puffs.

And tried a few others as well...