Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Travel: Japan 2015 Day 3 // Tokyo // Walk: Odaiba, Oedo Onsen Monogatari


Skipped blogging yesterday as the bed's calling was too strong to ignore :P

We visited Odaiba as there are a few Gundam nuts in my group (1/2heart included), and I wanted to visit Oedo Onsen Monogatari.
We took the Yurikamome train from Shimbashi station (I planned to walk from our apartment to Shimbashi station which would take around 30 minutes, but we ended up taking the subway halfway - from Ginza station. Ha~!). Fare is JPY320 p.p

super random... .

We alighted at Daiba station on Yurikamome line, and quickly made our way to Diver City. The island is pretty easy to navigate, as long as you have the energy and strong legs. Man, walking is definitely the main means of transportation for the Japanese!

We mainly visited Diver City just for this:

Every now and then, this awesome Gundam robot lights up and the head moves. We were there when it happened.

eyes lighting up

So. Much. Awesomeness.

There is also a small stall selling Gundam products and so-called Gundam cafe (but no seats to dine inside) where you can purchased Gundam inspired food & drinks.

Pretty yummy. There are a few options for fillings. We chose sausage & cheese, and hamburger

After spending an hour or so just oggling at the robot, our hungry tummy finally won and we walked to Aquacity to have lunch,

Why all the way to Aquacity? Because there is a ramen themed small foodcourt on the 5th level.

Love this place. My Hakata Tsukemen ramen (JPY980) was so delicious with just the right amount of chewiness for the noodles, and very tasty dipping stock.
1/2heart's Special Ramen - Red (JPY1200) was so-so. Noodles were a bit soggy for our liking, and the spice was just not right.


Then we headed to Decks - located just besides Aquacity. One of our members of the trip group is a major AKB48 fan, and when he knew that Madame Tussaud's museum has some figures of a few members... well... in we went. Ticket was JPY2000 p.p

We also went to Joypolis (in Decks as well) and got to play some games (didn't take any photos as it was quite dark for photography and I couldn't be bothered setting manual shutters & arpetures). A lot of the attractions this time were based on Tokyo Ghoul, a lot of them were pretty meh... .

I love Deck's shopping area. Very vintage and had a lot of awesome goods & souvenirs to buy. There was also a small ghost house which was a bit lame but fun nevertheless.

Decks also has Takoyaki Museum like the one outside Universal Studio's in Osaka.

My favourite place for the day would be Odaiba Onsen Monogatari. It was already almost 8 p.m when we arrived and we only had to pay JPY1980 (which is a cheaper late fee rate. Normal day rate is JPY2480). If your stay exceed 2 a.m., you would be charged new day entry.

All guests were given yukata (a range of color & patterns available) to be worn inside.

We were given a tag bracelet that serves as a record of all of our purchases inside, so people don't have to bring their wallet & bags everywhere (everything is left inside the locker which they provide as well)

We tried the free (entry free inclusive) outdoor foot bath which was hot but therapeutic despite the super hard stones that were supposedly give your foot 'massages', and also fish spa (extra charge. I forgot the amount, we only opted for 15 minutes. I am ashamed to say that a lot of the little suckers were absolutely delighted in devouring whatever dead skin cells or filth off my feet). 1/2heart barely had any approaching his feet.

We also had our dinner inside the common area which is absolutely beautiful. It was set traditionally based on Edo period and hosts a lot of food stalls.

The onsen's theme currently. I don't know the characters though... .

We had Okonomiyaki, Big-Ass Giant Takoyaki, Zaru Soba Set, and Tempura (Forgot the prices. :( )

Of course we also tried the main indoor & outdoor bath, where you have to throw away your inhibitions of getting absolutely naked in front of so many people of your gender of different shape, sizes, and ages.
I tried the Body Scrub inside (paid about JPY4400 for 30 minutes) and when I peeked my eyes to see what the scrubbing lady managed to extract from my skin using her very abrasive sponge...

... holy cow, no wonder those therapy fishes were happy I dipped my foot inside their pond T_T I thought I scrub very well when I have showers, but her scrubbing brings kitchen metal scrubs to shame.

We logged out at around 11 p.m., completely exhausted from our day full of walking, but very light and relaxed due to a few hours inside the onsen. So we took taxi straight to our apartment (costed around JPY3400)

I love this place!

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