Monday, 28 December 2015

Travel: Japan 2015 Day 8 // Fuji-Goko // Fuji Q Highland


The morning of Australia's boxing day - where I'm sure there was chaos in all shopping malls back in Sydney for bargain hunters - we woke up greeted by Mt. Fuji from outside our window. 

Breathtaking sunrise on Mt Fuji, reflected in harmony on the water surface.

Fujiginkei provided yukata in a few different colors. Ask reception ;)

After a multi-course Japanese breakfast (can live with this everyday!), we took the free shuttle bus provided by Fujiginkei straight to Fuji Q Highland

This was mainly to cater 1/2heart and our youngest member of the trip group. Because well, I am spineless, especially when I saw all those crazy rollercoasters.




1/2heart tried the Takabisha

Nope -_-

But I did get to visit the ghost house (Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear - pretty cool and scary if you were alone I think. But as there were 4 of us... well...) and Ultimate Fort (a sort of escape game with awesome props inside. Man, they don't hold back. I really recommend to try this).

Mt. Fuji as the backdrop

And I wanted to visit the Neon Genesis Evangelion exhibit, where they has life scale of Eva-01 (well pretty much only the head & shoulder part). Couldn't help but humming the cruel angel thesis when I was inside the building.



We only spent half-a-day at Fuji-Q, as we wanted to visit the Ferry ship and Kachi-kachi ropeway. Upon arrival back at Kawaguchi-ko, we had lunch at Fuji Tempura Idaten. It was only 3 minutes walk from the station.
Our tempuras were prepared and fried right in front of patrons.
Crispy light battered awesomeness. Tempura sauce was a bit bland for my liking, but still a good meal.

Fuji Tempura Idaten
〒401-0301 山梨県南都留郡 富士河口湖町船津3486−4

Ferry (around Lake Kawaguchiko) & Kachi-kachi ropeway (which took us to the higher grounds) treated us to - well, mainly panoramic views, and more of Mt Fuji.
I didn't complain though. Can never get sick of this.

After such a hectic past week in Tokyo, I'm glad to have spent a few days unwinding in Fuji-Goko and just appreciate nature (rather than concrete mountains of the city).

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