Thursday, 31 December 2015

Travel: Japan 2015 Day 12 // Osaka // Kuromon Ichiba Market; Dotonbori


In the morning we went to Kuromon Ichiba Market, barely 5 minutes walk from our place of stay.

As it was one day  before New Year's Eve this place was packed! I have never seen one person bought so many meat/seafood/prawns/sushi/sashimi. I guess it was to prepare for their family's new year's. I think 'packed' is still an understatement. People basically pushed each other to move forward.

But well what can I say...


So many fugus on display & sale as well... . I don't think I will ever have the gust to eat the fish.. .

We only sampled a few things here and there (because we simply couldn't decide where to eat),but of course I couldn't miss eel.

Spent the rest of the day walking around Den-Den Town, then headed to Shin-Umeda Sky Building. There is a very cute edo themed food court on B1F level.

Unfortunately, the majority of the eateries were closed as we arrived around 3.30 and it was not lunch or dinner time.

I put in my 100 yen coin to get this omikuji. Grah! Hopefully this bad omikuji was only for the remainder of 2015 T_T

So, went to Coco Curry! Level 10 Curry to the rescue! This place also provides free manga to read :) Of course my trip down memory lane had to be with Songoku / Dragon Ball.

There is also a beautiful small garden just outside the food court. Some red maple leaves were still left over from autumn... .


And we headed back to our apartment, and had to get a Pablo cheesecake (seriously guys, if you came across one of their shops and didn't get any cheesecakes, you've done a crime!). We bought a chocolate cheese cake (still like their original flavour better though)

A shot of Dotonbori at night with the ever running Glico man... .

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