Thursday, 25 October 2012

review: Schkinny Maninny 5 Days Detox

Another randomness galore. This time I am going to review a detox program from Schkinny Maninny.

Because I am a green nazi, I opted for their Green Spring Cleanse program, costed A$310 (A$329.95 including delivery).
Well, they are not kidding when they say green. I have never eaten/drunk so much green in my life in the span of only 5 days.

Their Detox program ranges from 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days. I went full monty, suck it in (a few times every day, literally), and chose the 5 days program.
Every morning, Schkinny Maninny delivered an esky consisting of my whole day & night's meal. After the first day of getting through, I am so glad that I chose Green Spring Cleanse program, rather than their Just Juice program (where you only have juice for all your meals). The GSC gave me salad for dinner, and they were very yummy healthy hearty salad that definitely satisfied after the whole day of liquid juice & vegetable fibres.

Schkinny Maninny Esky containing full day & night meal

GSC program rundown:
Schkinny Leap Frog Juice
Ingredients: Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Kiwifruit, Parsley

Schkinny Leap Frog Juice (as above)

Schkinny Water Frog
Ingredients: Spinach, Parsley, Kiwifruit, Watermelon, Orange

Schkinny Alkaliser
Ingredients: Kiwifruit, Spinach, Parlsey, Cucumber, Lemon, Celery

Daily Salad:
Day 1: Chickpeas, Coriander & Parsley, Onion;
Day 2: Rocket Salad, Walnut, Pear, Cucumber with Avocado dressing;
Day 3: Brown Lentils, Wild Mushroom, Cherry Tomato, Orange pieces;
Day 4: Organic Tempeh (although I'd say this is tofu, not tempeh), Red Cabbage, Grated Carrots, Raw Cashews; with Spicy Soy Sauce dressing;
Day 5: Red Kidney Beans, Cherry Tomato, Green Capsicum, Baby corn. Red Onion, Raw Corn Kernels, Coriander; with Chilli, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil dressing.

Looking at the salad ingredients (and they provide more than enough to fill you up) I definitely got the proteins that I need; however, oh Lord, how I miss munching on anything other than leaves & beans & their derivatives. (*cough*redmeat*cough*)
Schkinny Maninny provides a small tub of bird food mix seeds, for your jaws to not go fully cold turkey on chewing for daytime. I have to say though, they were not enough for me, and I still had a handful of roasted almonds (non salted) and raisins or dried cranberries every day.

That much, I could manage.

A tub of mix seeds and daily support cards

5 days program gives you some extras

I am of an average build & weight and I exercise regularly. My usual eating habit falls in the region of being health-conscious (if I do say so myself) during the weekdays, as I work a desk job and hardly do any strenuous physical activity. On the weekends though, I pig out XD. I love my meat, so the past 5 days have been quite an achievement for me. Not to mention constantly reminding myself that this thing costed me 300 bucks, so I better did it right.

The hards for me:
- Passing Cha Time or Easy Way outlet. NOOO!!! Those bubble teas with rainbow jellies and pearls kept beckoning me hither.
- Juice no 4: Schkinny Alkaliser. One word: Yuck. I never ever once managed to finish the whole bottle. The max I could muster was always half. The other juices were tasty though.
- My blasted colleagues kept bringing biscuits and munchies to be shared around. Why don't they ever do this when I'm not detoxing.
- Day 2 and 3 were the worst for me, though not in any way unbearable. I felt quite lightheaded, lazy and sleepy for those 2 days. No headache or nauseous symptoms as warned by Schkinny Maninny, thank God.
- By late of day 4 and the whole of day 5, I started imagining the seagulls and pigeons flying outside my office as roasted crispy skinned birds smothered in spicy sauce.

The extra perks during the program and by end of day 5:
- Skin clearing up. Yes, not kidding. I had a small breakout on day 2 (not sure if due to the extra almonds I ate or the toxins being flushed out of any pores & crevices), but they quickly cleared up by day 4, and my overall complexion becomes brighter (although I still felt lethargic).
- More than regular bowel movement. Not diarrhea, but you definitely won't have any trouble doing your toilet business when doing this detox.
- Weight Loss. 1 kg in one week.

Will I do this again? Definitely. But for now, I am changing my favorite color to Black. I'm getting a bit sick of greens.

My 1/2heart - in all his wisdom and smartassness - decides that it's time to celebrate my completion of the detox program and has booked a table for two at the chophouse for dinner this Saturday. I will do my best not to go all T-Rex and attack all the meat (you are not supposed to 'celebrate' and go on an eating spree after a detox program. It will do your system more harm than good).

Well, if on next Monday, you look at the newspaper and see a headline of an Asian girl who bite people off during the Sydney Zombie Walk, that is most probably me being completely overwhelmed by my inner carnivore.

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