Saturday, 24 August 2013

NomNom: Grandma's Little Bakery, Alexandria

Alexandria - a suburb located in inner-eastern area of Sydney, NSW- is usually identified with factory warehouses, furniture shops, a collective of logistics and freight forwarders nearby (being the close proximity to the airport and Port Botany); but usually not trendy cafes and good food.
So it was a pleasant surprise indeed when we came across this little gem, located at the corner of O'riordan St and Collins St. We were in the area to window shop on some nice furnitures (yeah, weird hobby, I know), and noticed that this place was quite packed with patrons, which is always a good sign.

Grandma's Little Bakery serves eat-in and take-away, and the 'take-away' shop has a lot of home made goodies, from biscuits, pies & pastries, to dips & spreads, and home made ready-made meals. They are a bit of the expensive side, but we tasted a few samples, and those biscuits taste divine.

We, however, chose to dine in and relax after a lot of walking around the area.
We were presented with what I think is a very cute innovative and efficient electronic pad to order our dishes. The pad lists all dishes available at the premise, and patrons can even look at the pictures of the dish by clicking on the zoom-in button. People accustomed to ipad, galaxy, or general tablets would not have a problem navigating the menu.

They also serve breakfast buffet style every Saturday Mornings.

For other times though, patrons are welcomed to serve themselves some extra bread and salad from the buffet table to accompany their ordered dishes. Those, combined with the generous and hearty meal, would fill anyone up pleasantly.

Top: pastries available for ordering. Bottom: bread and rolls from the buffet bar.
The Beef Bolognese Shaksuka (A$14.50) came with bread, two eggs and generous amount of ground beef in yummy bolognese sauce, baked in a pan.This is one of their breakfast menu dishes which is available all day.
Grandma's Mazal Moroccan Beef Casserole (A$12.50) - which you can choose to have either the saffron yellow rice or bread to accompany with - is kinda bland compared to the Beef Bolognese. However the portion is generous and the beef pieces are so tender. 1/2heart did not have any trouble polishing it off (as well as half of my Shaksuka and bread)

The cute decorations and little finishing touches all around the place made for comfortable dine-in experience. We plan to come back (even with no window-shopping purpose) to try more of their dishes.

did someone stuff up that finishing time on the chalkboard?

*pictures taken with iphone.

Grandma's Little Bakery
42 O'Riordan St, Alexandria NSW 2015
ph: 02 9690 0069
(check the website for opening hours)

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  1. Looks delicious and healthy..the ambiance is great..the design is well done...