Thursday, 12 September 2013

NomNom: Sedap, Regent Place; Sydney CBD

Regent Place on George St, Sydney CBD has a new addition: a Malaysian Kopitiam style restaurant called Sedap (their other shop is located in Westfield Chatswood).

It is a very small and cramped space - I think they try to fit too many tables. Service was a bit meh... some waitresses looked like they did not want to be there. And when we dined there, there were too many staffs, making the already small place looked even more cramped.
And you sit almost back to back with other patrons.
So despite our initial doubts, we went ahead and sat uncomfortably on mismatched chairs and at tables with different heights, making sharing dishes somewhat difficult.

Some dish (and drinks) are presented in enamel coated tablewares - a reminiscence of old Malay days. Very innovative and great concept. Though  their laksa dishes or noodle soups are also served in somewhat smallish enamel container... not sure if this is enough portion to feed a person. I may have to order one to find out next time...

So far I was not impressed with the place.
Until the food came. Then everything was forgotten.
The coffee pork ribs (A$14.80 I think... or A$16.80... -_-) were sweet and flavorsome, and had very subtle coffee taste. 1/2heart and I devoured it between the two of us with no problem at all.
Sambal KangKong (water spinach, A$12.80) was awesomely fragrant (much better than the one we had at Senyai on the lower level). They used fermented beans to add to the taste as well, the way I prefer a sambal dish to be.
Curry puffs was crispy and buttery with filings nicely marinated with curry paste. (I still prefer Albee's Kitchen's version though). The chicken rice (only the rice at A$3) was decent, with enough chicken stock taste (Although I prefer my chicken rice to have more ginger taste than what was served).

Other various small dishes - including satay, fish balls, and fried chicken - can be ordered from the counter. They also sell traditional nonya cakes.

I will definitely patronize this place more in the future. Despite my initial dislike of the place layout, their food is more than enough to convince me to come back.
Sedap indeed.

Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney CBD

*pictures taken with iphone

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