Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Random: Sweet Street 2015; Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

I have never had so much sugar in one night than tonight. And I know I will have trouble sleeping (hence this blog post), and will probably have headache tomorrow from the sugar hangover. But I doubt I will fret about it.

Because Sweet Street was practically a dessert theme park. And I enjoyed every bite and sight of it.

Shangri-La Hotel hosted the event - the brainchild of Anna Polyviou (Anna, for this, you're my goddess!) - and it showcases myriads of desserts by some of the top pastry and dessert chefs of Australia: Adriana Zumbo, Lux Bite, N2, Black Star Pastry, Cacao, Messina, Andy Bowdy, and Anna Polyviou herself.

The ticket for the event costed A$75, and you'd get 8 credits/tokens (it's just a card with 8 circles that would be ticked off one by one when you order an item) to be used towards whatever you fancy. (Most costed 1 token, the only 2 tokens item we had was the Jasper cake by Andy Bowdy.

Come on, just look at all the pretty little things, how could you not be tempted!

Andy Bowdy (or Andrew Bowden) who has gone independent from the famous Hartsyard in Newtown. Thank the Lord that he is still doing desserts even going solo. Do what he does best to spoil Sydneysiders' sweet tooth.

Andy Bowdy Land is a happy happy place to be

this Jasper cake flew off the table faster than a V8. It costed 2 tokens, but was so popular
Cacao does eclair. And Pikachu!!! I didn't care what's in it, had to take one.

Anna Polyviou arguably served some of the prettiest desserts there. Loved the presentation of her cakes in the jars. 

doughnuts with injected with some chocolate, topped with glazed popcorns. Mmmm

pretty (though lighting sucked)
From Lux Bite, I had the Rilakkuma (I think every Asian there would have had this one), and the blueberry cheese cake.

You would have thought 8 credits per person wouldn't be enough, but 1/2heart and I were completely stuffed only halfway (we had to take away quite a bit to completely exhaust our credits). 
There were also some savoury bites, and they were quite good.

Rest of the others that we did not try...

Gelato Messina stand

Will have sweet dreams tonight (or perhaps a nightmarish one where I'd be chased by a cake), once I get all these sugar calmed down in my system.

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