Thursday, 24 September 2015

NomNom: Belly Bao; Sydney NSW

Tucked away around the corner of Liverpool St and Sussex St close to Chinatown in Sydney, Belly Bao could easily be missed as just another dark underground pub/bar. But if you went inside (and perhaps ignore the funny fake plants and fairy lights hung around almost everywhere in sight) and take a leap of faith for trying it, you are bound for a good time and delicious meal.

Towards end of nights, it tends to get crowded, so if you have a larger group, best to book a table. And always bring your id as the club it's at is an 18+ venue (it's a bar)

We started with Sweet Potato Fries (A$7). The portion was quite generous and came with drizzle of chilli aioli.


Papaya Salad (A$12) was very refreshing, especially to accompany all the other deep fried food we ordered. The dressing was tangy vinaigrette.


We all loved the Fried Chicken (Half $15 or Whole chicken for $25) - massive cut portions fried perfectly but still moist inside.
You know how you opt to grab the chicken breast because you want to be kinda health-conscious (less fat than chicken thigh, yo. Although it really beats the point because you order fried chicken of all things!), but mostly hate it because they are usually very dry? Nuh uh. Gladly had my chicken breasts here thank you!.


And we did not know which to choose from their awesome sounding signature Baos, so we did the most logical thing to do:

Ordered them all.


All the Baos were good, and all of us had our own favorites. Mine was the Crackling Roast Pork Belly and the Crispy Tofu.

2015-09-19 20.08.31

Dessert was a much easier fair. There were only two kind of dessert Baos, and there were four of us. So we ordered one each and shared. All their baos served for dessert are fried and served with vanilla ice cream.

Strawbelly Bao (A$6.50) came drizzled with Matcha condensed milk. Mmmm... matcha... .

Baonana Split (A6.50) was equally as good, drizzled with Nutella.

I was so torn. Maybe next time I'll have one of each for myself.


55 Liverpool St, Sydney

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