Saturday, 2 January 2016

Travel: Japan 2016 Day 15 // Kyoto // Toei Eigamura // Eat: Ramen Sen no Kaze


We visited Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Toei Eigamura), only 5 minutes walk from JR Uzumasa station. This place is often used as movie set for Japanese samurai/edo area movies.
Entrance fee is JPY2200 per adult.

I think it is a good place to spend around your half-day if you are absolutely bored and don't have anything else to do in Kyoto (which should be plenty if you love the traditional charm of Japan). The settings are more for little kids, with ninja attractions and shops. Each attraction costs JPY500.

Compared to the make-believe settings of the studio park, of all the places I have been, I like Miyajima, Takayama, or Tsumago & Magome better - where the authentic houses from old eras are still intact, preserved, and used daily.

this guy appears every 15 minutes or so

We had lunch at one of the eateries. Nothing special.

My highlight of the day would be the oiran parade show as she was absolutely beautiful.

Around 2 p.m., we left and headed for Kiyomizu Dera. I love this area, with streets full of shops and nic-nacs all the way leading up to the beautiful temple. Unfortunately some of the sections of the temple grounds were closed so we couldn't explore much. As always, I bought a few emas to take home :)

and when I saw something with matcha...


After a lot of shopping of souvenirs and cakes, we walked about 20 minutes to Kawaramachi, where Ramen Sen no Kaze (らーめん千の風京都) is close by.

This place has rave reviews online. We arrived about 6.30 p.m, got our number to wait in line, then around 7.30 p.m, they were sold out. Luckily they have set aside enough ramen and soup for the people who already had waiting numbers.

Around 8 p.m, we finally could get in.

While I have had better ramen (and soup for that matter) elsewhere, this place has best chashu pork. Hands down. Right amount of meat and fat, double grilled. Yummmy!

Ramen Sen no Kaze
580 Nakanomachi, Sinkyogoku Shijo-dori Agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8042, Kyoto Prefecture

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