Thursday, 4 February 2016

Travel: Japan 2016 Day 21 // Takayama

It has been about 3 weeks since I left wonderful Japan and went straight into the hustles of work T.T
Blog had to be abandoned for a while until today. So time to try to continue what's been left off...


Takayama is home to a number of sake breweries, mostly can be found along the old streets.

The day was crisp and cold, so what was the perfect thing to do? Sample as much sake as we could!

And then we entered this one shop and asked if we could sample their sake. The lady told us if we wanted to sample it free-of-charge, we could only sample one sake. However she proposed us to purchase their ceramic sake cup for 200 yen then we were allowed to sample all their sake on display (and we get to keep the cups.)


We did what any sane-sake-loving adult would do: paid 600 yen (for the 3 of us) and practically stood in front of their refrigerator for the next 2 hours sampling each and every bottle on display. 

Life's good, y'all (btw, our favourite was the top right bottle, which we also purchased to be consumed later on that night... :D)


Takayama is a beautiful little town to spend leisure time and relax. With lots of hidden small eateries, you could easily skip your main meals and just fill yourself in with filling snacks :)
We went to Fukutaro (福太郎) for some light snacks. Their gohei mochi is sooo good.

福太郎 (Fukutaro)
58 Shimosannomachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan


Really nice Karaage chicken at Miyagawa Morning Market, and Hida Beef Burger at Hanamizuki

And at night we ate with our AirBnB host - Hiroto-san - to one of the small eateries which I wouldn't have known if he didn't show us. I also forgot to note the name *kicks self*

Tofu Steak, Keechan (a bit of like chicken stew hotpot), Kebab, and Tempura (and a few bottle of sake which I didn't post picture of :))

Definitely a memorable experience and a wonderful place to stay in Takayama

The next day we went to Shirakawa-Go and it's pretty picture loaded, so I'll make a separate blogpost for it.

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