Thursday, 8 March 2012

GMarket Haul 08/03/12

Oh Goody! Another one of my GMarket order arrived today :D. *dance of joy
This time, it is pretty much fashion haul. I ordered quite a few bit from quite a few different sellers. Overall, it took 13 days for all the orders to be completed and to reach me >_<

But nevertheless, I am happy. My lust for new clothes have been satiated. Let's open the box :D. These are the clothes that I have purchased: (my apologies for the somewhat blurry and grainy pictures. 1/2heart is usually the camera expert, not moi. I am hopeless in taking pictures)

For the beige long sweater - design and workmanship are good, unfortunately I could not say so for the material. It is kinda itchy >_< I have to wear a slip underneath.
For the blouse - I love the fabric and the workmanship. Nuff said :)

Very light and comfortable shirt. Good quality too and it is cheap! (converted to AUD around A$10)

Oh yes, I have wanted to buy another checker shirt for quite some time but have never really found anything that pique my interest (my other checker shirt in my wardrobe has hoodie, so you kinda know what I meant, I want something more than the usual ordinary checker shirt). 
When I saw this, I fell in love with the back detail (look at those buttons. Hmmm buttons...). So I just had to get it. When I received it, I was kinda... hrmmmm.... . Fits nice, design nice, but the quality.... hrmmmmmmm. Maybe the shop has to find another tailor/factory to produce their clothes. 
I noticed the hang tag declares that the shirt is 'designed in Korea', but I have a feeling that it was not actually manufactured/made in Korea (*cough*madeinchina?*cough*)

 Good quality, decent price :) and lots of cute design. Another great backside top.... mmmmm....

They sell very very nice sweater and unusual designs too. The one I purchased here is on the loose side (it is the design) and very comfy to wear.

Can I just say I am most disappointed with this purchase. The fabric quality is great, the design is great, the workmanship is great-- but damn! When the listing says 'free size', does the seller mean teenager standard? I am a size 8 AU/ 4 US, but these run a little tight, especially on the chest. Well okay, I guess my chest is not exactly a size 8 (I am not exactly a plane landing in that area), but still. T T 
If you are a small girl, please, don't hesitate to purchase from this shop. Their items are beautiful.


  1. Hi! The clothes that you ordered are freaking cute. I love it.
    But as you said, the most of the shirt and t-shirt are free size.
    I'm european and I wanted to buy Gmarket but I'm tall (like 172cm or 5'64'' feet) and I'm not skinny as the Gmarket's model. Do you think that I can buy blouse, t-shirt.... ?
    Thank you ☁

    1. Hello. I'm 171 cm, so we are not far off :) Not sure about your measurement though. I'm size EU 34/ AU 8 / US 4. Bra size EU 75D/ AU 12C/ US 34C.
      Free size blouse & t-shirts in gmarket are generally OK to be worn even for bigger sizes, as they tend to be quite loose. Here are some shops that are quite 'safe' to buy from (which I have bought quite a few myself), as they are not tight fit, and you don't need to worry about your boobs sticking out uncomfortably.

      As for other shops, most of the time they also give you their free size measurement. You can measure yourself and see if you are within their free size scope.

  2. Thank you for your reply :) !
    You right, I just should measure myself like you said :) !
    Aww, I really wish that one day I could have skinny legs like Gmarket model's one >_<...
    Oh by the way, sorry for my bad english because this is not my mother's language (if you want to know, it's french :) ).

    1. :D best of luck. It's a great place to shop and u don't really need to worry about finding 100 other women on the neighborhood wearing the same thing. English is not my native language, as well. So i'm sure my blog also has a lot of errors ;-). Thanks for dropping by nevertheless