Sunday, 22 April 2012

review: Mizon Snail Cream

Back in December 2011, I received a small sample of Mizon Snail Cream from this GMarket shop. I have not really had the chance to review it, even though I have dabbed a bit of the cream every now and then as a moisturizer. And may I just say: I hate it as a moisturizer. I think it is a bit too rich for my oily combo skin, and I hate the way it makes my face feel kinda greasy and sticky after application.

But oh boy, do I have the change of heart now. 

Two weeks ago, clumsy me managed to burn a small patch of my skin when I was cooking. So I had been having this angry small red/brownish patch on the top of my hand, with no indication of it getting better anytime soon. (What the hell is wrong with my regenerative cells.)

So a week ago, I started putting whatever left of the snail cream sample on the burnt patch. And man, am I impressed.
Snail creams have repair function for your skin and claim to prevent wrinkles (no idea about this one as I have given up using it on my face), acnes, and improve stretch mark appearance. Now you may tell me, this improvement is just merely my skin finally decided to repair itself, even without the cream; but I dare to think otherwise. The burn patch stayed dark, broken and ugly until the night I dabbed the cream over it. The next morning, the patch started peeling. 
2 days after, fresh skin peeked over the peel, not raw pink (from forced peeling), but healthy looking new skin.

Now perhaps I shall buy a full tube for those stubborn stretch marks.... .


  1. I thought of exactly the same thing when I first came across of this cream which was not long ago. Stretch marks! The joy if it would actually work right? If you've decided and you see result, do share!

    1. I certainly will. :D Though my stretch marks are the ugly old white ones, so I don't really know if any cream under the sun will diminish them... .

  2. i bought like 4 months ago and i almost finish it?actually i dont see any differences from my skin.. or maybe im just not aware about the changes.. i just notice on the bottom of the bottle there is a date which is Jan 01 i dont know if its a expiration date or a manufacture date..if its expiration date maybe that's why it look like noting happened to my skin

    1. With Korean cosmetics, most of the dates imprinted on the labels are manufacturing dates.
      And with snail creams, I think they are most effective on moderately-freshly damaged/disturbed skin. I myself, don't like their effects on my face. (too rich. Eww)