Tuesday, 28 August 2012

review: Lotree Rosa Davurica Oil Skin Care Pact & Triple Cake SPF32PA++

My secret to a long lasting make up throughout a busy day:
Primer + good BB Cream + Powder Pact

Powder pact's purpose is to set your foundation/ BB cream and give extra coverage for that matt finish. This is extremely important for my skin type, where my face gets shiny pretty easily.
I have tried a few Korean powder pacts out there: BRTC Sun Pact, Sulwhasoo's I-forget-what-its-name, Hera, to name a few.

Then, I came across Lotree and their Rosa Davurica line, a very pretty looking cosmetic line with rose scented powder pacts.
My first dab on Lotree was a purchase of Rosa Davurica Two Way Cake; which gives adequate coverage and shine control, but then I sorta upgraded to their Triple Cake. And I never looked back.... .... ... until of course, my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up buying their Triple Balance Oil Skin Care Pact. GMarket Shop HERE.

Lotree Rosa Davurica Triple Balance Oil Skin Care Pact

The box looks pretty as usual, there is no difference in outer packaging and the pact case. It is pretty, it is purple :D. The shop always gives some freebies that changes every once in a while. On this occasion, I received an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and some face lotion.
However, to a bit of my disappointment, I canNOT use this Oil Pact as a substitute to the Triple Cake Pact.

Lotree Rosa Davurica Triple Cake. Received freebies: face lotion & primer, and pink eyeshadow.

Lotree Rosa Davurica Triple Cake with SPF32PA++. GMarket Shop HERE

The Oil Pact does not set into the skin like the Triple Cake Pact does. It provides decent coverage (as good as Triple Cake Pact), but in a few hours, it kind of melt off your face. Not a pretty look where your face looks blotchy.
What I found out though, it provides REALLY good shine control if used after the Triple Cake Pact. It easily add a few hours of shine control compared to using the Triple Cake alone.

However, I don't really use the sponge applicator that comes with the Oil Pact. Instead, I just use my big kabuki brush to lightly cover my face with the powder. Works a charm, and looks very natural.

On a side note, if you just want adequate coverage, go for the Triple Cake. It has SPF32 and it holds pretty well on its own.

The Triple Cake Pact though, apart from its usual purple applicator, also comes with a white sponge applicator that is of the usual kind you use to apply liquid foundations. I tried using the Triple Cake Pact wet, but I still much prefer it as a setting powder.

Boxes' comparison. Bottom shows Triple Cake box with the white sponge applicator

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