Wednesday, 27 March 2013

travel: South Korea 2013 Day 4: Seoul: Everland Resort

Today we spent pretty much the whole day at Everland Resort. It is freaking far from central Seoul - like 45 minutes to 1 hour drive. Lazy 1/2heart and I took taxi there (and also back), and it costed KRW50000 per trip approx. For around 50 minutes drive.

Imagine the same length of trip but in Australia... would have costed at least double... .

There is tulip festival in Everland Resort, gorgeous tulips everywhere. Oh and by the way, Everland is much much better than Lotte World, IMO. If you only have to go to one theme park in Korea, go to Everland. Skip Lotte World.


the flower and the bee


I particularly love the animal adventure part of the theme park. In fact, the whole planning and settings of each section of the theme park is pretty good, making it easy to explore and see everything with minimal fuss. They also have safari ride type attraction, where you get on board of a bus and get up, close, and personal (apart from the glass windows of the bus of course, separating the wild animals from their prospective meals).

bonding time

There are also plenty of meal and snack options around the park. Not necessarily as good as the ones we have had so far during this trip, but I think for theme park standard, they are quite good.
We had japchae, pork katsu and grilled chicken set, and egg roll. Cost: KRW 19000. Kimchi is self-serve and free refill.

1/2heart had his first try at T-express - the infamous steep wooden rollercoaster ride - the scariest in the theme park.
I waited for him to finish, like the good wife I am (and a scaredy cat).

I love this little balls of delight. They are mini balls of ice cream, people.

 After having our fill of the theme park, we headed back to Anguk station (by taxi again, another KRW50000) and looked for dinner. You cannot go wrong staying around this area. Food aplenty.
Dinner: Tteok Mandu-guk (rice cake & dumpling soup) and Kimchi pancake, and some Makgeolli (rice wine).
OMG, I love this rice wine. I think I am going to stock up this brand when I am back in Sydney - If I can find one.


Felling relax and warm and kinda flying (alcohol effect), we headed back to Lavinia for the night.


  1. Hi Sweetie, I was wondering where I can get the taxi from Everland to Seoul? I went there on March this year but I didn't see any taxi stand nearby. Me & my friends took the shuttle bus and they leave early at 6pm. I want to stay there and watch the fireworks too. Give me advice please... I'm thinking of private hire van but it cost KRW120,000.

  2. Hi Nina. Thanks for dropping by. Taxis should be available outside the gate. When I were there, I didn't have any trouble finding taxis as there were other people who took taxis as well. I think if you get stuck, the park attendants can definitely show you the right way ;)