Saturday, 23 March 2013

travel: South Korea 2013: pre-flight + Seoul

Soon after our Taiwan trip over Christmas break 2012, 1/2heart and I booked in for another break during Easter holidays. Not too long though, as we could only manage to scramble 1 week break all up. But our intended destination has been pretty clear: South Korea.

This time, we choose Asiana Airlines - a south korean airline that flies direct from Sydney to Incheon airport - making my legs went numb during the 10.30 odd hours in the sky. It's probably would have been better if we had a layover somewhere, but as our planned trip is pretty short - 1 week - we didn't really want to waste any time.

You could not fault the service. Inflight crews are polite, courteous and very kind. (cue me asking them for another gochujang (red pepper) paste to smother my rice with, the stewardess beamed proudly that me-truly like their inflight gochujang paste, then proceeded to give me 4 tubes of them. I still have them in my bag now as I type this...).

But hey, I love their inflight bibimpap meal. 

Arriving in Incheon around 7 p.m. at night, we took the rail to reach our accommodation for the night: Soriwool.

Reaching downtown Seoul from Incheon airport by subway took us more than 1 hour. And lugging our luggage up and down the stairs : not fun. But at least our accommodation for the next three night is beautiful.

Soriwool is a hanok type accommodation, and I absolutely fell in love with the place. Quaint, comfy quiet, and ohmyf**god, the wonderful warm floors (due to their ondol heating) soothing our tired and cold feet (it is around 3-5 degrees outside). 

Room type: Geomungo
Cost: KRW120000 per night (includes breakfast)
Room comes with private bathroom and private small kitchen & laundry

the instrument this room is named after

1/2heart and our late night snack.

Let's see the place in better light tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a wonderful day... . 

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