Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Travel: Japan 2014 Day 12 // Osaka // Walk: Dotonburi, Namba Nankai, Shinsaibashi

Left Kyoto this morning, lugged our big luggages with us, and headed for Osaka (JPY 540 ticket from JR Kyoto to JR Osaka station). Pretty easy though, and it didn't take that long (about 1/2 hour).
Would definitely not hesitate to recommend Ohanabo to anyone visiting Kyoto - the service and their pleasant demeanor towards guests, as well as trying to help us in anyway they could - was top notch. And as it is located very close to Kyoto subway and JR Kyoto, it is very easy to take the subways or buses.

In Osaka, we are staying in a rented apartment, around Namba Nankai/ Nipponbashi area. The detail of the apartment could be found here. No need to put photos here, I think, as the listing is spot on and provides good photos true to its actual condition.

But most of all: location, location, location. It is very close to Namba Nankai station, where as soon as you walked out of the north exit, you see street after street after street of good food and shopping.










If you came across this shop selling cheesecake - buy one! Trust my tastebud!


This gyoza shop is pretty good, but couldn't help but chuckle at the english...
Please choose your source as you fancy for your gyoza...




Also sampled Black Soy Ramen (half size, JPY 700) at King Emon, that has apparently won some award. You can find their store around Dotobori area.


Then we saw a queue, so we shall queue.


Mizuno is famous for okonomiyaki. Go for one of the best 5, and you shan't go wrong.


But as the place is always packed, our okonomiyaki came pre-made.
At Okaru Nara where we had the most fun watching the staff made the okonomiyaki right in front of us, then it's up to us to add more sauce or seaweed powder readily available at our table.
Not at Mizuno - we didn't have extra sauce to play with add more flavour to the okonomiyaki

That's about it for today. Mostly we were stuck inside numerous otaku anime stores around Namba, mainly to also escape from the heat. We drooled over all the gorgeous figurines (I want Kos-Mos!!) and had to drag ourselves out of those stores :(


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