Sunday, 28 July 2013

NomNom: Kabuki Shoroku; Sydney CBD

Located at Clarence Street in Sydney City, is a Japanese restaurant -- that although seems to have a lot of good reviews, somehow didn't quite satisfy me.

The entrance to the restaurant is quite cute, decorated with stone pathways leading to the main dining area. Their waitresses were clad with kimono, busy scurrying to serve tables as efficient as they could.

Kabuki Shoroku offers quite a large number of Japanese dish, including fresh sashimi and sushi. You will not be disappointed for quality. However, having been to a good range of Japanese eateries in Sydney, I found this place is so-so. For the price, you'd get the same good quality and more at Masuya - for example.

We started with Green Apple Shochu ($9.8), a refreshing soft-drink like shochu beverage. Green tea costs $4 per cup and it is free refill.
The Boiled Spinach in Sesame ($8) was very light and tasty, a good appetizer.
I have seen bigger Scampi even in sushi train joints than this one - Scampi Nigiri costs $8. A bit of a disappointment, tasty nevertheless, though it was only as big as a normal king prawn.
Whitebaits tempura costs $14. Again, although tasty, it was a measly one handful of deep fried whitebaits in batter.

One of their specials was various Kushiyaki - grilled meats on sticks - $20 which I really think is way overpriced. Seasoning was minimal and the type of grilled dishes presented had a lot of chicken (1 stick of grilled okra, 2 chicken wings, only one sticks of ox-tongue, chicken, and chicken meatballs).

Their deluxe sushi & sashimi combination costs $62. Selections were tasty, fresh, and yes the boat makes the presentation ultra gorgeous. For the selections presented, not one of the best value though. The rolled inside out sushi was nothing special and very basic. There were no scallops or fresh prawns which I think should be warranted for the price tag.

We were more impressed with Wagyu Beef on Hot Stone ($36). Beautiful melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef meat, seared to your liking on a hot stone.

(Just don't try to remind yourself that each 3cmx3cm slice of those succulent naturally-sweet bovine is costing you more than $4 individually).

I love love love their dessert tasting plate ($18), consisting of Tofu cheesecake (yummy and not very sweet), Caramel pudding, Mango icecream, Dark chocolate bites, and Green tea tiramisu.

Kabuki Shoroku
Ground Floor, 202 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000
ph: 02 0267 4552

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