Saturday, 20 July 2013

random & NomNom: Ragu, Sassy's; Westfield Sydney Foodcourt; Magnum Shop

Everytime I need a craving fix for some good Italian pasta, I head to the city, instead of the Italian Forum in Leichardt. What's in the city? Good, hearty, and less expensive pasta (compared to some overpriced mediocre so-called Italian restaurants in the Italian Forum) at Ragu, located in Westfield Sydney (City) Top Foodcourt.

They have several other menus apart from pasta. For the pasta, they have a range of selection: from simple spaghetti to lasagne; from simple napolitana sauce, creamy boscaiola, to pesto.

My favourite is always their pesto sauce. I usually have it with ravioli, but any other type of pasta will be no less delicious. The pesto is gorgeously fragrant with generous drizzle of olive oil, and you could smell and taste the basil quite strongly - just the way I like it.
I guess it is a matter of personal taste, but the last time I ate a pesto pasta at a restaurant in the Italian Forum (which name escapes me as it was not impressive), the pasta costed me $20-ish dollars and the pesto was way too creamy and funnily enough - very sweet. Yuck.
This beautiful pesto ravioli at Ragu costs $14 and well worth the money.

1/2heart had Fried Rice from neighboring Sassy's Red, a tuckshop version of Chinta Ria. For $10, it was OK, but nothing to shout about.

There is a new shop in Westfield Sydney that will put Apple's store to shame in term of length of queue. But this is no gadget store. It is Magnum shop - not Magnum as in the one that could kill/shoot people - but the ice cream.

The Sydney Magnum Shop is located at Level 2 at Westfield Sydney. And holfyeffinGod, you will not have any trouble spotting this one. The queue was shocking.

It took us one hour to reach that Magnum sign

Just a display, don't think they are edible.

The shop creates a Magnum ice cream to your liking. That's right folks, it is custom made (the base ice cream is still the normal white/vanilla magnum though). There are a LOT of selection to adorn your custom made Magnum ice cream with. 

At $7 a pop.
Yep, they don't come cheap.

the toppings that I chose.
So if you paid $7 to create the normal almond/peanuts coated magnum....... ..... dang, you are crazy.

Step 1: choose the base coating for your Magnum: White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate;

Step 2: choose the toppings (4 maximum) for your Magnum. From the traditional different kinds of nuts, to rose petals, goji berries, even rock salt.

Step 3: choose the chocolate for drizzling. Again: white, milk, or dark.

selected toppings put on the base chocolate coating

For the final touch, they put Magnum chocolate buttons (you can choose either dark or white) to adorn your Magnum.

These are ours:

Dark Chocolate base. Toppings: pistachio, crushed chocolate coated coffee beans, goji berries, macadamia. Drizzled with Dark Chocolate

White Chocolate base. Toppings: rose petal, rose praline, dried strawberries, rock sea salt. Drizzled with Milk Chocolate.

The right one was mine. I was determined to make it as pretty as possible, although I am not much of a white chocolate fan. Haha. But adding the rock salt actually was a good decision as it counteract the overlysweetness of the white chocolate base. 

We felt kinda sick afterwards though.... . Usually we could only share one packet of store bought Magnum ice cream between the two of us, as they are very rich. So eating one each today was a bit overbearing for us. After the third bite, we struggled to finish them. :D

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