Sunday, 21 July 2013

NomNom: Sauce Bar & Grill; Coogee // Random: Aroma Festival 2013; The Rocks

It has been over a year since we last visited Sauce, a modern Australian restaurant that when it first opened a few years back, claimed to be competing with Hurricane's infamous ribs.

And rightly so. We remember that when we used to frequent dining there, their steak and ribs were not subpar compared to the latter-more-famous restaurant chain. But as we haven't been to Sauce for quite some time, it was also a pleasant surprise to know that their food's still as good.

1/2heart received an email invitation for a complimentary main course to dine in the month of July - because it is his birthday month. (We subscribed to their newsletter since years ago when we used to be frequent diners there, and we still receive updates and offers). So, it was a perfect opportunity to revisit the place for our carnivorous-fix.

Specials and Appetizers menu board

There were hardly anyone when we came for lunch.

1/2heart ordered Crispy Skinned Atlantic Salmon (which he chose as his complimentary course), and I had half-portion of beef ribs.

One word: Yum!

Salmon was cooked to absolute perfection, skin was crispy and the middle was pink and soft.

Although I have tried their pork ribs numerous times before, this was the first time I've ever had their beef ribs. for a half portion, it was a decent size. And their homemade chips served as accompaniment to the ribs were so crispy & flavorsome.

'SauceNo5' - a Bacardi based cocktail

Sauce is located close to Coogee beach, providing nice surroundings to burn those calories intake you just could not help to digest.
Today was a bit windy, but weather was absolutely pleasant.

Sauce Bar & Grill
2A/29-31 Alfreda St, Coogee
02 96647550

Afterwards, we headed to the city - The Rocks, for Aroma Festival. It is an event emphasizing on all things coffee.

There were a lot of pop-up coffee shop, complemented with The Rocks Market that is usually only open on Saturdays. The Rocks Market showcases a lot of handmade products and there are also a lot stands serving food and snacks.

look at these cute cupcake-candles. So creative.

Needless to say, we ate more -_-

'chocolate pop' - we chose blood orange & dark choc champagne. 

this one was meh...
We did try a few coffee although we both are not much of coffee drinkers (on the other hand, I am quite a tea-nazi. I drink probably over 2 liters of green tea everyday). Most of the coffee stands had crazy long queue, so we only got to try a few.

Love this shop and its coffee slogans:

From 'coco', we ordered a brioche with hazelnut gelato - served sandwich style. ($8)

But I like this one so much better: Affogato with hazelnut gelato (also $8). Their Affogato is so bitter and strong (love the aftertaste), and combined with the sweetness of the gelato.... mmmm.... yumminess.

We didn't get to try much of the other stands' coffee. We did try a cappuccino from 'the wood roaster' - supposedly selling wood roasted coffee. But the wood-roasting doesn't really alter or add any uniqueness to the coffee. Or perhaps I should have ordered something else from there.

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