Sunday, 30 December 2012

travel: Bandar Lampung 2012 part 2


It's such a great feeling to go back to the house you have spent your childhood and teenage years in. I felt so much at home that I had dreamless sleep last night, with full belly after bouts of eating.

I honestly don't know what to do here in Lampung, except for eating - like - 7 times a day. I am very afraid to step on the scale provided in my current room.

Even in the morning, weather in Indonesia is still hot and humid. I like to take a stroll in the garden my mom has done such a great job in taking care of.

Then off to more eating... .

Stop no. 1 for today: Sendok Mas. Fried noodles (we call it "Mie Tek Tek" - both stir fried & soup style. Both were equally delicious), grilled fish, Ox-Tail Soup, Fried Duck with green chilli.

Definitely all stuff that usually would be impossible to find in Sydney, or would taste mediocre if compared to this feast.

Stop no. 2: Durian hunt.

Ah yes, the pungent almost putridly smelled fruit that would put stinky tofu to shame. People will either love or hate this fruit. Needless to say, I am a maniac. I grew up never missing this fruit every season without fail. Though there are durians sold in Australia - the big Thai imported varieties (Monthong), the local durians are smaller in size, but IMHO, more fragrant and taste better (if you could find good ones, that is).

Can I just say: I felt such euphoria when eating these stuff (good ones), it's worth the exorbitant calories it contains (durians are definitely not fruit to be consumed for diet purpose).

Our loot

zomg. The best durian I have had for such a long long time
Stop no. 3: Sweet pancake - Indonesian Style. (Martabak Bangka).

Oh yeah, slap more butter in that baby over there.

Stop no. 4: Grilled corn on cob. They had different topping/flavours. I had the spicy one, and it was very delicious :-)~

Stop no. 5: Khuai Lok restaurant for a bit of chinese food, but 1/2heart mainly just wanted the eel dish. It was cooked with fermented red rice. (Named "Lindung Cah Kumak")

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