Monday, 24 December 2012

travel: Taiwan 2012 Day 10: Taipei: Taipei 101

Breakfast selection at Sato Castle was quite extensive - we are so used to getting good breakfast during this trip. This one did not disappoint, choice included eastern style (porridge and their condiments), and western style (some fried stuff, bacon, scrambled eggs, salad, etc)

After breakfast, we checked out of our Spiderman room and gave our bagagges to the reception for safekeeping until our next check in time (6 p.m. to a different room). It did not trouble us at all to do this, as we did not spend our day time inside our room anyway, and most likely will reach the hotel again late at night.

We went to Taipei 101 - the tallest building in Taiwan. From our hotel, we went to Jiannan Rd. station and took the metro rail to Zhongxiao Fuxing station, and changed train to the blue line to reach Taipei City Hall station. From the station, it was about 20 minutes walk to Taipei 101; or you could also take the bus that will drop you off in front of Taipei 101 directly.
Obviously, a visit to Taipei 101 meant that we had to go to the observatory. The elevator went so fast I had to neutralize my ears every 3 seconds. It only took 36 seconds to reach the top.

the damper for Taipei 101. Its main function is to 'stabilize' the building, to protect it against harsh wind or typhoon, and earthquakes

We also had a bit of snack - sushi train style - at Hi Sushi, located at the foodcourt level of Taipei 101 Dreamland mall. I could not go pass eel of course, and we also ordered fatty tuna (forgot to take picture -_-), which is still considered expensive here (TWD 150 each), but would easily cost double in Australia.

Lunch was at the nearby Shin Kong Mitsukoshi mall at Shin Yeh Japanese buffet restaurant. We had the 2.30 p.m. slot, and you are allocated 1 1/2 hour to eat as much as you could fill your stomach space. Seriously, Australian's buffet restaurants - you should learn from this group. The price does not compromise quality. Perhaps for Taiwanese, this would be considered slightly expensive, but I'd gladly pay this price any day for the food selection they offered.
We were lucky to get a spot because we did not make a booking. After they let in the crowds that had made prior booking, there were still some spots left, and they let us in.

crazy queue

The above are just pictures of some of the selections. There were many many more.

I think the time slot when we dined in was quite cheap (dinner and lunch hour time would cost more). Including service tax, total damage was TWD 1012.

After some window shopping and when the sky turned dark, we made our way to a cute little tea house for a little relaxation - a bit out of the way from where we were.

Moonlight Tea House (玥飲軒)
Address: 80 Wenzhou St, Taipei (台北市溫州街80號)

One of their signature dish is milk tea hotpot, but as we were still bloated from excessive lunch, we just opted for some tea.
The place is charming and old style, with cute tables - especially the ones with some fish swimming inside them!

We spent the rest of the night at Miramar, where we met these patrolling superheroes - ready to save people from sadness or any sign of depression. How could you not be saved by these two bundles of cuteness overloads. One of them is apparently 13 years old, which makes him quite old for a dog. But his form and movement definitely did not show of the old age.

Then went back to Sato Castle to check our room for tonight. Unfortunately, again, we could not choose the room that we preferred as they are booked out for the other room. Regardless, our room tonight is still cool and fun.

Room Style: King type - Room 220 (theme 'West Side Story')
Cost: TWD 4880

Size is bigger than the queen room, and our room has its own car (obviously non operational) inside. 
As always, the bathroom also has infrared sauna (only available for queen & king type rooms)

small outdoor area

fake... obviously...


  1. Hi,

    Do you mind to share based on your experience with two rooms whether is it suitable for triple sharing? Are the toilets partially open but with binds or showering area a separate area?

    Appreciate your advice as I can't seem to find any information about this. Thank you!

    1. Hi Xingyi.

      If you were referring about the Sato castle's rooms - the bedrooms are actually quite spacious, so triple sharing should be fine. Make sure you tell them about the 3rd person so they can tell you if the room type you prefer cannot accommodate 3rd person/extra bed.

      For the rooms we stayed at - the wet area contains separate toilet cubicle (with frosted door) and shower cubicle (with frosted door as well), so you shouldn't have any problem with privacy. We could also close the door/partition between the wet area & the bedroom.

      Hope that helps :) and enjoy your trip. It is an awesome place if you get the chance to stay (and don't mind some tacky details)