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travel: Taiwan 2012 Day 3: Yehliu Geopark, Taichung, Fengjia Night Market

It was drizzling a bit, but it did not dampen the beauty of the B&B we stayed at (River Forest. For more detail, refer to Day 2). The fish, some ducks, and a black goose came out to play outside our balcony.

Through the viewing glass... .

Breakfast was some porridge with some side dishes prepared by the kitchen. There was a funny story (well, funny to me & 1/2heart anyway). When we first entered the dining room, the serving lady staff spoke to us (in chinese), explaining something. We just nodded as we did not understand a single thing and did not really want to bother them to find an english speaking staff.
Upon inspecting the buffet table, we were a bit disappointed to see that there was only some fruit and salad served on the table. Those, and plain porridge. So we took some fruits and consume them quietly at our table, wondering why the breakfast was so disappointing.
A few minutes later, these came:

So I guess the lady earlier explained that the condiments for the porridge would be served individually for every table... . They are simple but delicious.

After breakfast, it's time to say goodbye to River Forest and Yilan.

Birds in front of reception area

Very simple looking reception building

Today was the day that we should be going to Taroko Gorge from Yilan. However, due to the inaccessible road by car, James from RTR compiled some different things to do for us.
We were supposed to squeeze Yehliu Geopark into our itinerary yesterday. However, since Taroko was no more, we decided to do Yehliu Geopark today instead. So what to see in Yehliu Geopark? Rocks, rocks, and more rocks...

Candle Rocks

The Queen's Head

Fairy's sandal... er, I mean shoes...

I have to say though, as amazing those rocks are, I did not really enjoy them due to the crowds. Crazy noisy crowded crowds. Most of them are old, but man, they pushed and shoved like nobody's business.

We proceeded to the more quiet secluded part of the park, where no tourists barely go due to the rougher terrain (no man made path).

1/2heart squeezed out inside a sea formed cave.

We even took the time to do a bit of a hike (by a bit, I mean, crazy flight of stairs not for the faint hearted). But we were rewarded by some awesome views that could not be possibly seen from land level.

After the hike, we headed to our lunch destination, at a restaurant not too far from the park. 

We picked our lunch from the tank inside the restaurant for the kitchen to cook them fresh. We had some calamari fried with garlic, steamed fish in soy sauce, sushi (containing some crab meat and pork floss), fresh sashimi, fish bone soup, and eel in 3cup sauce.

Total damage: TWD3200

After lunch, our plan was to go to Windows of China Theme Park. But by the time we got there, it was already 3.45 p.m. and the ticket booth was already closed (what??). Well, as 1/2heart exited the car and looked at the theme park's closed gate, he exclaimed aloud, "Damn, looks so dodgy..."
So perhaps it's for the best that we did not get to go in... . 

So what to do apart from getting to our destination in our plan B as recommended by James - off to Fengjia Night Market in Taichung for more ... err... food. 

Being the largest night market in Taiwan, I could not decide where to look. I wanted to see and try everything. Obviously, not possible... *sadface*. Times like this, I wish I have a black hole of a stomach. Anyways, these were the ones that we managed to squeeze into us:

Honestly, I couldn't even remember half of what we ordered. But always remember the golden rule: when you see a stall with a queue (the longer the better indication on how good it usually is), join the queue!

After overeating, James took us to our accommodation for the night. We initially should be spending tonight in Hualien; so this is the last minute accommodation that James helped us book. We are not disappointed. Beautiful room in a little motel. 

Name of Hotel: In One City Inn
Room Type: Shakespeare Chamber.
Cost: TWD 3299 (I think this is a special fare, though I don't know on what occasion. The fare includes breakfast and free wi-fi inside room)

Room details:

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