Saturday, 29 December 2012

travel: Goodbye Taiwan 2012, Hello Bandar Lampung, Indonesia part 1


We had a flight to catch to Singapore, then to Indonesia - Jakarta at noon with Singapore Airlines again. It's time to say goodbye to Taiwan, with our wallets lighter, our belly considerably bigger after only 4 days in Taipei (yeah, those weight we lost during our 9 days excursion around Taiwan with Grant & James from RoundTaiwanRound? We gained them all back just in the span of 4 days in Taipei).

And may I just say our Taiwan trip was totally awesome. The food was great, RTR was great, people were friendly even when they couldn't speak English, they always tried their best to help us out.

And apparently, we were considered Japanese, as people keep trying to talk to us with their limited Japanese after trying to talk mandarin to us was met with our blank look.

Continue on... .

The morning was spent just by waking up late 0-o, breakfast, then hanging around in our room at Palais de Chine until it's time to take a taxi to Taoyuan International Airport. Taxi costed TWD1200.

big Gundam at a shop at Taoyuan International Airport
On board meal: Pork & Rice for Oriental Selection, Fish & Mash for Western selection

Had a bit of layover in Changi Airport, Singapore, before we continued on another flight routed to Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta.

On board meal: Fish & Mash for Western Selection, Beef & Rice for Oriental.

My little brother picked me up at the airport and he had arranged an overnight stay at FM7 Resort Hotel, located around 10 minutes drive from the airport. The hotel had shuttle to take us to domestic airport the next morning, so it was quite convenient. Didn't take any picture of the room, as we were knocked out as soon as we checked in.


breakfast at FM7 Resort Hotel, Jakarta

This morning, we continued on a Garuda Indonesia flight routed for Bandar Lampung, a town located on the south of Sumatra island - and also my birth town.
The aim is to hibernate eat as much food as possible, and of course spending New Year's Eve with my parents.

My brother and I have been arranging this trip to Lampung since a few months back. All my parents knew was that my brother was going to Lampung - but knew nothing about me & 1/2heart coming over.

When we walked out of the gate at Raden Intan - the domestic airport for Bandar Lampung - they still did not realize that we were tagging behind my brother. o_0; They only saw my brother and turned their back straight away on us. Only until they reached the car and I tapped my mom's shoulder, they were very shocked (my mom was in the verge of tears) to see us. LOL.

I would cherish the memory forever.

And so, let the hunger game begins, with Food Pit Stops for today.

Stop no.1: Mie Inti, for some not very light breakfast (again) of noodles. And some fish  balls, wontons, and soy milk

Stop no.2: Shereen cakes, for assorted cakes and snacks that would be very hard to find (and taste horrible) back in Sydney.

Stop no.3: Rumah Kayu, a very charming garden style restaurant with lots of yummy food.

You know the whole point of this blog is really not to make my dear readers jealous. (well, yeah it kinda is), but more-so, I want to cherish these times forever (and the memory of the food. glorious food) and to always be able to re-read my blog and drool all over it.

And then, when you saw a JCo shop at a shopping mart... . You shall not pass without buying some donuts.

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