Saturday, 12 October 2013

Travel: Singapore Day 2: River Safari; Universal Studio Horror Night 2013 - Sentosa Island

I can't remember how many times I've been to Singapore, but everytime I come to this small country, there is always something new to do. Today we decided to go to River Safari, the newest wildlife attraction located besides Singapore Zoo. It is still not yet fully completed, so the ticket price is relatively cheaper than Singapore Zoo or Night Safari located in the same complex. We paid SG$25 per person. On this occasion, I went with 1/2heart and my little brother.

Aptly named, the experience involved seeing various wildlife benefited from major rivers around the world. As such, there are a lot of fish and water creatures on display.

And some non-water creatures...

Somehow I became very popular with the squirrel monkeys. At one time, there were more than 5 monkeys trying to climb onto me and I backed away from the group, but one in particular was stubborn and swiftly made its way on top of my head before I could escape. To 1/2heart and my brother's amusement, the little creature helped himself to munching on my hair.

The stars of River Safari would be the pandas.

Introducing the giant pandas: Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Actually, the following pics are all of Kai Kai. Jia Jia is apparently an extremely shy panda, and she kept retreating to her den and refused to pose for the visitors.

Nevermind the giant pandas. Yes they are cute, but my favourite would undoubtedly be the red pandas. OhMyGodSoFluffyIReallyWantToCuddle&!HJGHAVHG

OK... I am satisfied now after spamming you with red pandas.

We had lunch at Mama Panda Kitchen, that sells very cute panda paos (which you can choose between chocoate filling or red bean) and cappuccino. They don't come cheap though. The meal for the three of us amounted to around SG$60. The cappuccino is ridiculously expensive and tasted quite weak for its price (SG$5.50), but it's cute, so... *snorts

cute panda chairs

After leaving River Safari, we took a taxi to Sentosa Island, where we would be staying for one night only at Festive Hotel. The hotel is OK; funky decors, great location for Resort World facility including Universal Studio. However there is no internet or wi-fi included in the booking price.

second bed on loft
Around Resort World....

Tried durian ice cream (yes, I am a durian maniac) at this shop. The concept is great (they fix up your ice cream on the spot using mixer and liquid nitrogen), but that durian ice cream was almsot tasteless and costed SG$9.50!

Candylicious is probably my favourite shop in Resort World vicinity. So colorful.

Had some food (again) at Malaysia Food Centre, a food court styled in Malaysian hawker style. We had Char Kway Teow (SG$5.50, tasted so-so...), Lor Bak (SG$ 1.50, quite nice), Curry Puff (SG$ 2.50, nice too), and some dessert (SG$2.80 each... nothing special).

Anyway, the reason we went to Sentosa and booked for an overnight stay at Festive Hotel, is the Halloween Horror Night held by Universal Studio. 

There are three haunted houses and three scare zones this year. Haunted houses were a bit disappointing, actually. Perhaps because there were too many people to actually feel scared. The three haunted houses based on this year's theme (the three sisters) are Adrift, Song of Death, and Possession (my favorite haunted house is Adrift).

The staff and scare actors at the scare zones are also very professional and always ready to give you that perfect pose true to their character.

Another scare zone: Convention Curses. This one is kinda boring. I think the theme for this scare zone is witchcraft.

And other pics from the night... . 

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