Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Travel: Singapore Day 7 Part 2: Gardens By The Bay

Connected to Marina Bay Sands, is an expansive man made garden - Gardens By The Bay.

There are currently two indoor conservatories/green houses. Both are uniquely dome shaped and massive, you cannot miss them even from the Marina Bay Sands towers. There are also several giant 'trees' - man-made and equipped with solar cells at the tops to provide green energy to the facilities, some of which would be distributed to the conservatories. It is pretty fascinating that such huge structures could utilize solar power and plant compost to power up the electricity and power needed by the garden.

Visiting the conservatories requires ticket admission For tourists, it will be SG$28 per pax, and with a SIA boarding pass, you'd be entitled to 10% discount.

Currently, the Flower Dome conservatory has Deepavali theme, as it is nearing the Festival of Lights in November.

Spam pictures of beautiful flowers...

And cute mini cactuses... . They are actually quite beautiful and very low maintenance... hmm... might get a few of them when I'm back in Sydney... .

Interesting looking prickly... um...

There is also an interactive screen almost at the exit of the Flower Dome.

The second conservatory is Cloud Forest. May I also just quickly note that both of the conservatories are always cool - the temperature control is fueled by the eco-energy obtained by recycling plant compost. There is an explanation of the eco-energy cycle for Gardens By The Bay inside an indoor presentation at Cloud Forest, near the exit.

It is called Cloud Forest as rows and rows of water mist are sprayed into the air, giving effect of being amongst the cloud. Patrons take the lift to the top of the 'mountain' and make their way down via the skyway/bridge.

There are also a few rooms where people could see various presentations and data about eco energy, global warming, and basically giving more awareness to preserving nature.

Presentation of how the eco energy fuel the gardens

I suggest to actually visit the domes in late afternoon. When it's getting darker outside, the lights will be lit up inside the conservatories and you could see the same things you saw earlier in different lights. Both are equally beautiful.

Done with the conservatories, we headed to the giant trees again for a light show. A feast to the eyes.

And headed back to the Marina Bay Sands towers; lights lit up everywhere presenting us with gorgeous uninterrupted night views of Singapore Eye (the Ferris wheel), the gardens, and of course the famous Marina Bay Sands towers.

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