Monday, 14 October 2013

Travel: Singapore Day 4: Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa; Eng Seng Resturant at Joo Chiat

We headed to Vivo City with the intention to carry on forward to Sentosa Island to visit Adventure Cove Waterpark, another relatively new attraction that neither 1/2heart or I have been to. But being such porkies we are, we visited Food Republic at the top level of Vivo City for some snacks.

Love the Braised Pork Bun, with tender and melting braised pork belly stuffed in fluffy white bao (SG$ 5.80 for 3 pieces).

This was my first time trying the Lau Sar Bao this stall offers (have had the pork belly bun a few times before). My favourite was the one sold at Din Tai Fung, which is always readily available in Sydney. But after tasting this tiny morsels at Food Republic Vivo City, golden precious salty egg custard oozing out of pandan flavored bao.... damn oh damn.... how am I going to go back to that seemingly-now-plain version of DTF from now on...

We took the walking route - via the boardwalk - to Sentosa Island. This would be the cheapest way to get to Sentosa from Vivo City, where you just need to pay the island's admission fee of SG$1 when you arrive by the Sentosa gate.

The boardwalk is very pleasant and clean too, with mostly uninterrupted views of Sentosa Island upfront, Vivo City behind, the cable cars, and obviously the surrounding ocean.

Arriving at Sentosa, we headed to Adventure Cove Waterpark. It definitely cannot be compared to the size (and awesomeness) of Wet'n'Wild and Whitewater World in Gold Coast, Australia; however it is still nice to cool down and play with various water rides available to escape from hot humid Singapore weather.
As we presented our passport/boarding pass, we were entitled to tourists' discount. We paid SG$30 each, instead of the normal price of SG$ 36.

checkpoint to stop people from bringing their own food/drink inside

After being sunburnt because of too much queuing up for rides, we left the park and headed back to Vivo City to ... urm... Food Republic again, and had some desserts. Green Tea Pudding dessert and Grass Jelly dessert, (SG$2.50 each).

Then off we went to fulfill our black pepper crab cravings: to Eng Seng Restaurant at corner of Joo Chiat Place and Still Road. We arrived at around 5.30 p.m., and thankfully it was not crowded. We had small Mee Goreng - which was tasty and had that slight spiciness to it -, some Baby Bok Choy, Stuffed Yu-Tiao (crispier and tastier version here than the one at No Signboard we had yesterday)...

fat and calorie goodness
But the star of this place would always be the Black Pepper Crabs. OhMySweetLord, their sauce is thick, buttery, and has very oomphy (is that a word?) kick of black peppers. This is my favourite version of Black Pepper Crab by far. Although the crabs today were kinda small, we were satisfied just by the taste of the black pepper sauce. We also got two crabs out of three with roe/eggs inside Yummy.

I am not going to weigh myself or visit my GP for a while... . Two crab meals for two days in a row and lots of durians... . Yes, I am crazy.

Another pleasant thing for me is that the bill came to SG$116.90 for our dinner here, which is about half the price of our meal at No Signboard yesterday.

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