Sunday 13 October 2013

Travel: Singapore Day 3:; Chinatown; No Signboard - Central, Clarke Quay

We left Sentosa this morning (after a very hard time waking up... still very sleepy from last night's Horror Night in Universal Studio) and headed back to Katong to drop our luggage. Been wanting to try Puteri Mas, a little shop located at 475 Joo Chiat Road. This shop specializes in durian puff.

Honestly, add durian to any cake/pastry/dessert - you'll be guaranteed a purchase from me if I saw the shop. In fact, it was one of the criterias for me when deciding on life partner (read: husband): 'must love durian'. LOL. Lucky 1/2heart likes them too. That's what has brought us together: we tend to like same if not similar things.

Then we headed towards Clarke Quay to meet my cousin, SL, who is now attending university in Singapore. She is one of the smartest people I know, hence I recruited her to play Lockdown.

Lockdown is a real life escape game, which shop is located at The Central, Clarke Quay. You know those games - usually in flash format - that require you to search clues and solve puzzles to 'gain your way out'. Currently, Lockdown has three themed rooms available. We tried 'Kidnapped' and 'Bail Out'. 
Players are locked inside the chosen themed room and must gather clues and solve riddles to obtain keys and sometimes more clues that would ultimately lead to freedom. Unfortunately, we did not manage to solve the rooms within provided time limit (60 minutes) T_T 
It was very fun, though, and I was actually quite pleasantly surprised to see 1/2heart, my brother, and SL each thought of different solutions to the riddles. Like, some riddles were easy for one person but hard for the other. Solving the puzzles is definitely a team effort.

We had lunch at Prata Wala, which one of the stalls is located at Chinatown Point. It serves very good Indian food. A set for 2 costed SG$25, and the portion is massive. 

Then walked around Chinatown that seems to always be forever crowded... .

Of course when I saw another shop selling durian related food... .

And had a fish spa, because my little bro and SL had never tried it before.

yes fishies, help yourselves to yummy dead skins
For dinner, we went to No Signboard - Clarke Quay branch that is located at The Central (4th floor, no 63). Ordered Deep Fried Baby Squid (small size SG$15). Sweet and crunchy and was very good starters for us.

Also had Chinese Spinach in Clear Broth (small size, SG$ 20), and Salad Yu-Tiao (small size SG$ 15). The yu-tiaos were tasty and stuffed full of prawn paste, deep fried and coated with sesame seeds for that extra crunch and fragrance.

Most people would probably relate this restaurant to its crab dishes. We ordered Chilli Crab and White Pepper Crab (both amounted to SG$ 136). As far as chilli crabs go, I think the version that we had was too runny and kind of lacking in flavor. The white pepper crab had more kick. Both were still tasty (tasty for our mainstream Australian tastebuds...) and our Chilli Crab had lots of crab roes, which I just love. 

However, my favourite crab would still be the black pepper crabs at Eng Seng in Joo Chiat. I hope I can make time to eat there tomorrow.

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